Why Why LIVINGCARE Water Purifier!

Healthy Clean Water

Drink purified cold or hot water directly. Not from the water tank.

NO Standby Power / No Noise

There is no standby power required, so it consumes less electricity and can save electricity cost. It doesn’t operate during standby mode, so noiseless.

Convenient filter change

Filter can be changed by holding and twisting it. All-In-One compact filter is very easy to replace. When the filter is polluted, warning LED tells when to change the filter.

Super slim size

Instant Cold or Hot purified water with TE Semiconductor and Metal Heater technology.
> Width of cold and hot water purifier : 123mm

Temperature Choice

Possible to select demand temperature as user’s preference in 3 stages of cold or hot water.

Infinite Extraction

It is possible to extract unlimited cold water or hot water continuously.

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