Details of the privacy policy

Livingcare Co., Ltd. collects the following minimum information in order to respond to your inquiries as quickly and effectively as possible, and we hereby ask for your agreement to this.

1. Information to be Collected and Collection Method:
- Information to be collected: name, contact number, email address, etc.
- Personal informaiton collection method: via our website

2. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
- To receive inquiries on products, after-purchase services, etc.
- Personal information storage period: To be stored and used under user’s agreement according to the policies for handling and processing personal information collected.
Livingcare Co., Ltd. collects and uses personal information and is doing its best to handle this personal information in a safe manner.
Information to be collected: name, company name, contact number, email
Purpose of collection of information: To receive and respond to inquiries
Storage period: 5 yeras